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Most asked questions about Schiphol Amsterdam

PCR Test in Amsterdam
The PCR test at Spoedteststraat is taken by means of a long cotton swab that is placed high in the nose. The sample is then safely stored and taken to the lab for testing. If you have the PCR urgency test administered between 07:00 – 11:00, you will receive the result at 17:30 (the same day). The results of the corona test will be sent to your email address. Don't forget to bring your proof of identity with you to the test location in Schiphol.
The use of PCR-Taxi
If you are not able to drive to our test location in Schiphol yourself, we will simply pick you up. Our PCR-Taxi initiative ensures that we can pick you up in the Amsterdam region to have a test taken. We work together with the sustainable company Travel Electric. Call 085 019 3392 to make a reservation. You will then be picked up at home at the desired time and taken to the test street. The PCR-Taxi will wait for you during testing at no extra cost. When you are done you will be taken back home.
COVID-19 test with priority
At Spoedteststraat we offer two types of PCR tests. The emergency test gives you the emergency result. If you check in between 07:00 AM – 11:00 AM, you will receive the results at 5.30 PM. If you administer the PCR test without priority, you will receive the result within 24 hours between 3:00 PM and 5:00 PM. For a first indication, you can also take an Antigen rapid test, because then you will receive the result within an hour. The administration of each test takes the same time, about 5 minutes.
Make an appointment online
At Spoedteststraat.nl you can easily make an appointment to have a corona test done. At the Schiphol location you choose the desired test, date and time. Once you have completed everything, you will receive a confirmation from us by email.
Corona symptoms
If you have corona symptoms such as headache, fever, and difficulty breathing, take a PCR test immediately and then isolate at home. At our test location in Amsterdam, you can remain in your car while we perform the test. That way, we limit contact with others and prevent the possible spreading of the virus. Our employees also wear protective clothing and a mouth cap.
Types of Symptoms
If you have severe symptoms, first call your doctor for advice. If you have mild symptoms, you can immediately visit our test location to take a rapid corona test. Of course, you are also welcome at our testing location if you don't have symptoms. Maybe you suspect you are infected, or you just want to make sure you test negative.
Children & Symptoms
Children can also get tested with us, from about 2-3 years of age. The process of testing is the same as in adults. We perform the test nasally using a long cotton swab. It doesn't hurt, but it can feel a little uncomfortable. If you have any further questions about this, you can reach us on 085 019 3392.
How do I avoid getting Corona?
If it is not necessary, stay at home as much as possible. By creating your own bubble, the risk of getting and spreading the virus is a lot less.


Frequently Asked Questions About Corona?

Help fight the Corona virus
Stay at home
if it’s not necessary to go outside
Pay close attention to yourself and your surroundings
Be extra aware of any symptoms
you might experience
If you experience symptoms, immediately contact your GP
Take good care of yourself if you have a cold
Cover your nose when blowing and sneeze into your elbow
Wash your hands regularly
Avoid sharing personal household items
What is COVID-19?
COVID-19 is the disease caused by the coronavirus  SARS-CoV-2. The disease can cause respiratory symptoms and fever and in severe cases breathing problems. The virus is spread by coughing and sneezing. It is released into the air via droplets. If other people inhale these droplets, or get them into their mouth, nose or eyes, for example, they can become infected with the virus.
How does COVID-19 spread?
You can become ill if you become infected with SARS-CoV-2, the virus that cause disease COVID-19. Your body defends itself against the virus in different ways. The best known is your skin. It forms, as it were, a wall around your body that is impenetrable for many pathogens. In addition, there are many other lines of defense that a pathogen must pass before you can get sick, such as the immune system – often called defense. One virus particle is therefore rarely enough to get sick. You (usually) must encounter a large amount of virus particles before you get sick.
How to prevent corona?
Work from home as much as possible. Guarantee the 1,5 m distance and wash your hands regularly. Sneeze and cough into your elbow and use paper tissues.
What are the symptoms?
The most common symptoms:
dry cough
Less common symptoms:
pain in the body
a sore throat
impaired sense of taste or smell
skin rash or discoloration of the fingers or toes
Severe Symptoms:
shortness of breath or difficulty breathing
chest pain or pressure
impaired speech or movement ability
Have you been in contact with someone with the Corona Virus?
Get tested and keep a close eye on whether you don't get symptoms that are familiar with the Corona Virus
How to protect yourself against corona?
1. Work from home as much as possible
2. Keep 1.5 meters away
3. Wash your hands more often
4. Sneeze and cough into your elbow
5. Use paper tissues
How to prevent getting corona?
By eating a healthy and varied diet, getting the right vitamins, and possibly using supplements, it is possible to protect yourself a little more against the Corona Virus.
How do I avoid getting Corona?
If it is not necessary, stay at home as much as possible. By creating your own bubble, the risk of getting and spreading the virus is a lot less.
Which rules do I have to follow?
Adhere to all regulations as prescribed by the GGD and RIVM. Are you experiencing symptoms? Then take immediate action.
What precautions should I take?
It is important that you keep your distance from other people and wash your hands regularly with soap and water.
I have complaints, what now?
Schedule an appointment to get tested. A rapid test can often be sufficient for a first indication.

Corona test approved by the RIVM

The tests and methods we use at the Spoedteststraat location in the Amsterdam and Bunnik region have been approved by the RIVM and the central government. All residents of Amsterdam can therefore have a corona test done quickly and safely with us. You will receive the test result by email and we are open 7 days a week for testing. Whether you want to come by on Monday or Saturday, simply reserve your spot and have your corona test done. You have the PCR test result within 24 hours and the Antigen rapid test even within 15 minutes. Make your appointment with us on the site for the desired date and time.

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Bij Spoedteststraat.nl heb je na 15 minuten uitslag van je Antigeen Sneltest of Emergency PCR. Spoed PCR binnen 4 uur de uitslag en bij een gewone PCR binnen 10 uur de uitslag.
doctor involved: J.M. Price den Boer, BIG: 99045763601.

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Ria Blokster 04/04/2021

Goedbereikbaar en snel geholpen.

Paul Palmer 23/04/21

Its ok.

Omri Raisman 12/02/22

Suitable for passenger with a car.

M Lucena 21/01/22

Vlakbij het vliegveld in Amsterdam en er was niemand toen ik de test ging doen om terug te keren naar Brazilië.

Marcel Suijkerbuijk 28/08/21

Great service

I-za PH 01/05/21

Response quickly and very accommodating.

Vasile tranca 06/05/21

A pleasant experience...after all.

Mark Engler 18/11/21

Unreal! Great service!

Olga Tsubiks 29/08/21

Extremely helpful staff, friendly, professional, and with great hearts to lend a hand whenever they can. The fact that we need an urgent COVID test is a high stress and costly ordeal, but we are glad that we find this company!

Megan Veldhuis 19/09/21

Outstanding service!!! We missed our appointment which meant our 12 year old daughter could not join her school camp. When the owner heard about this, he took it upon himself to organise transport for her to join her class mates (2.5 hours away) and on top of it all, refunded our money. They did not need to do this, it was our own fault that we missed the slot but Daniel treated us with such kindness and heart. Can't recommend highly enough!
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