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Emergency Test Street Takes Responsibility

The number of companies where you can have a corona test done has exploded in the past year. Last year there were only 4 companies, now there are no fewer than 343 according to figures from the Chamber of Commerce. Unfortunately, the run on corona tests has also led to many malpractice at corona test companies. It is therefore important to us at Spoedteststraat that companies do not take any responsibility. Customers are waiting in long lines and tests and results are not handled with care.

Below we tell you everything about Emergency Test Street, our values, how we test for corona, results, our care and how we take care of our customers.

Safety comes first

Testing for corona is an important tool to get the Netherlands corona-free. That is why it is crucial that testing is done in a safe manner. If you take a corona test from us, you don't have to wait in a long line. On the contrary, we come to administer the test while you remain in your own car. No long queues and unnecessary risk. We take our time slots and reservations very seriously. You can therefore be 100% confident that you can have your corona test taken at the reserved time.
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Tests are taken carefully

Only professionals work at Spoedteststraat. Our healthcare employees are not only knowledgeable, they are also patient and take their responsibility. Testing for corona with the nasal swab can sometimes feel quite unpleasant. All our employees are trained to administer the test as safely, quickly and painlessly. We will also always take our time for people who find it exciting. If it is not possible to take the test from the car, we also have a chair ready for you. We will always put you at ease and take the time you need.


Frequently asked questions about Emergency Street safety 

This is how testing works at Emergency Test Street
At Spoedteststraat you can have a corona test taken by scheduling your appointment online. Choose the location, time and type of corona test. With every corona test we offer you can see exactly how long it takes before you get the result. At the scheduled time you will pass by car in the test street. You wait your turn safely in your own car. Then one of our employees will come to you to take the test. The nasal swab is then stored safely. Now you can drive home in peace. The test result will be sent by email at the agreed time. Safe, fast and well organised. Do you have any other questions? Our customer service is available 24/7. Contact us via WhatsApp, live chat or telephone. We are happy to speak to you.
Patience with children
For many international trips, children also need a negative PCR test result. The age limit is different in each country. It can be very exciting, especially for young children, to have the test taken. We are therefore patient and take our time to make this go smoothly for everyone.
Get your results on time
We know that it is essential to receive your test result on time. Whether you are a  common PCR test, Emergency PCR test or Rapidtest is decreasing: we always keep to the times. On the product pages of the corona tests you can read exactly how long it takes before you get the results. So you can rest assured that you will receive the test result of your corona test at the agreed time!

Do you use the test result to travel? Check the maximum age of the corona test upon arrival in the Netherlands country of destination.

Of course, sometimes things go wrong with us. However, we will always take responsibility and ensure that you receive your results on time. We understand better than anyone how important it is that you get results on time. You are not allowed to travel without a negative test result from a corona test.

The most common symptoms:
dry cough
Less common symptoms:
pain in the body
a sore throat
impaired sense of taste or smell
skin rash or discoloration of the fingers or toes
Severe Symptoms:
shortness of breath or difficulty breathing
chest pain or pressure
impaired speech or movement ability
Get tested and keep a close eye on whether you don't get symptoms that are familiar with the Corona Virus
Commercial corona tests are not cheap and we will always be honest about the type of test you need. If you need a Rapid Antigen Test, we will not sell you the more expensive Urgent PCR test. Honesty is our top priority. All tests are taken carefully and you will receive the result at the agreed time. No apologies, just neatly organized.

Here's a rundown of what you can expect from Spoedteststraat:
Always on time results.
Patience and care with testing.
Easily accessible via WhatsApp or chat.
Honest advice about the corona test you need.
We always take our responsibility if a mistake is made.
We hope to have informed you well in this way. We are always available for questions and we look forward to being of service to you.

Together we keep the Netherlands open. Come and have yourself tested safely and reliably at Spoedteststraat.

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Bij heb je na 15 minuten uitslag van je Antigeen Sneltest of Emergency PCR. Spoed PCR binnen 4 uur de uitslag en bij een gewone PCR binnen 10 uur de uitslag.
doctor involved: J.M. Price den Boer, BIG: 99045763601.

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Reviews✔ 4.5 of 5


Ria Blokster 04/04/2021

Goedbereikbaar en snel geholpen.

Paul Palmer 23/04/21

Its ok.

Omri Raisman 12/02/22

Suitable for passenger with a car.

M Lucena 21/01/22

Vlakbij het vliegveld in Amsterdam en er was niemand toen ik de test ging doen om terug te keren naar Brazilië.

Marcel Suijkerbuijk 28/08/21

Great service

I-za PH 01/05/21

Response quickly and very accommodating.

Vasile tranca 06/05/21

A pleasant experience...after all.

Mark Engler 18/11/21

Unreal! Great service!

Olga Tsubiks 29/08/21

Extremely helpful staff, friendly, professional, and with great hearts to lend a hand whenever they can. The fact that we need an urgent COVID test is a high stress and costly ordeal, but we are glad that we find this company!

Megan Veldhuis 19/09/21

Outstanding service!!! We missed our appointment which meant our 12 year old daughter could not join her school camp. When the owner heard about this, he took it upon himself to organise transport for her to join her class mates (2.5 hours away) and on top of it all, refunded our money. They did not need to do this, it was our own fault that we missed the slot but Daniel treated us with such kindness and heart. Can't recommend highly enough!
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